Platanus Garden

Here in Platanus Garden..

Sitting by one of Them..

Glancing at The Sky..

When the afterglow is so fine warm..

Sneaked out of Platanus Leaves..

Here in Platanus Garden..

Inhaling aromatic air..

from Platanus trunk and Platanus Leaves..

Having my head pointed upward..

Trying to breath deeper and deeper..

extasy of Platanus..

seems like obsess me more than i feel before..

Platanus that mounted so high..

Platanus Leaves that spreading disorderly..

Fumbling the Sky Bravely..

Greeting the Wind Tenderly..


U are a metaphor..

Metaphor of firmness and consistency..

existency and flaccidity..

Platanus Garden..

seems that i ll visit U oftenly in the next following days..


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One response to “Platanus Garden

  1. nice poem ^^ yang mister bright juga suka.. hm.. but what is platanus?

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